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grinding malachite in oil

grinding malachite in oil

“The way of the artist is the way of perception, just as the way of the philosopher is the way of thought and the way of the devotee is love.

Cezanne said, ‘The day is coming when a single carrot, freshly observed, will set off a revolution.’

He meant that if we look at any thing, no matter how simple or commonplace, and truly go to the heart of that thing, which means to the heart of that experience, we will find something so extraordinary, something that will revolutionize the way we see our self, others and the world. This is the true revolution that makes all others revolutions pale.

An artist tries to make something that expresses and evokes this realisation, something that takes the viewer directly to this experiential understanding. A true work of art triggers this revolution.”

– Rupert Spira