Ghost pumpkin with pears

© Bev Byrnes--Ghost pumpkin with pears

Bev Byrnes — Ghost Pumpkin with Pears, oil on linen, 2015

© Bev Byrnes--ghost pumpkin detail

Bev Byrnes — detail, Ghost Pumpkin with Pears, oil on panel, 2015

Finished. Oil on panel, 12 x 24 inches. It seems my paintings swing a pendulum between smooth and flat, and increasingly textured. This one sits in the latter category. Below is a detail image which hopefully shows some of what I’m referring to. A very satisfying painting to work on.



2 thoughts on “Ghost pumpkin with pears

  1. Jack Baumgartner

    Bev, congratulations! The painting turned out beautifully. The nuances of color and texture look amazing. I wish I could see it in person.

  2. Bev Byrnes Post author

    Thank you, Jack. Your music wove it’s way into this one, as well. 🙂 Really enjoying the new album! Great work!

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